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Collaborative Storie – Meet Sales Layer


Who are you ( and were are you from) and what is your project about?

We are Sales Layer, a startup that helps companies to sell their products everywhere. The cloud synchronizes their product information automatically in multiple sales channels (web, mobile, Amazon, eBay, paper…). We were accelerated by Plug and Play and funded by international seed investors.
We are a committed team from Valencia, Castellón, Rafelbunyol, Càlig, Albacete and Romania:
  • Álvaro Verdoy (Founder & CEO): Passionate entrepreneur with over 6 years of experience integrating helpful IT solutions in big companies. Business is his hobby, and luckily that’s what he does every day.
  • Iban Borras (Founder & CTO): Developer and designer for 18 years. Has an extensive experience setting up international IT projects. He is an artist, and his projects can prove it.
  • Mihai Lupoiu (Developer): Tech guy specialized in servers and networks. Aways willing to learn more and play ping pong.
  • Alexis Parrón (Developer): Over 8 years of experience developing. You will find him smiling all the time.
  • Pedro Moreno (Developer): Over 7 years of experience working with corporate ERPs. Cyclist and bicolor man.
  • Raquel González (Marketing & mass media PR): Journalist with more than 10 years of experience creating great content. She is hard worker, responsible and patient.
  • Samuel Palanca (IT consultant & Sales): Samuel has been for more than 15 years an international companies consultant. His tattoos define him.
  • Sergio López (Sales): Salesman for 10 years. He only sales what he loves, but not only loves what he sales.
What do you hope to get out of this experience in the Collaborative Space?
Las Naves Collaborative Space means networking and learning from professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. We love working in new projects together, helping each other and sharing great moments at lunch and at ping pong matches.
What is your strongest motivator at work?
Our motivator is simplicity. Whenever we think something is simple, we work harder to simplify it even more. Technology needs to be  useful, technically powerful, but always simple to use. That’s what every user loves, and that’s what we want to provide them.
What was your toughest decision you had to make within the last few month?
Our toughest decision was to give up all the projects we were involved with and to focus 100% in Sales Layer. We were doing pretty well before, and we decided to make our lifes far more complex to move Sales Layer to the next level.
What do you think you can change with your project?
We can help any company to become a global brand, this means, we can help them to sell their products everywhere.

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