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Collaborative Storie – Meet Diapasó


1. Who are you (and were are you from) and what is your project about?
We are Diapasó, a Communication agency stablished in Valencia. Vicent, Ester, Enric and Alberto work on social media, web design & development, illustration, photography and audiovisual content. We’re committed with local developement and SMEs, all without lose global and mind-opened vision of Communication. We advise our clients to develop a stable communication strategy adapted to their needs.

2. What do you hope to get out of this experience in the Collaborative Space?
We like to share, so here we can share knowledge and experiencies. It’s a great opportunity for learn from the other teams on the CS.

3. What is your strongest motivator at work?
We focus on our clients’ motivation. We like the human relationships that come together within each project.

4. What was your toughest decision you had to make within the last few month?
No doubt: not to take a holidays this summer 5. What do you think you can change with your project? We like to think that we can help entrepreneurs and SMEs to boost their projects and improve their corporate motivation. So we could say that we like little changes, which may also be important.

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